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    IRDC Enduro

    Could someone link the Conference website posting of the IRDC school, TNT, and Enduro to the MSReg link as has been done with past events. Thanks Dick
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    Mike Oberholtzer

    It is with great sadness and regret of the need to inform everyone of the passing of Mike last week. Mike was an IRDC member for many years and started racing with flat track motorcycles, sports 2's and then ground pounders. There are probably many other types of cars that I haven't mentioned...
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    Thanks to the turnworkers!!

    I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the Turn Marshals at Pacific for a great job well done. I would specifically like to thank the Turn Marshal who retrieved my left front splitter winglet and turned it in to driver services. Very much appreciated and it is now back on the car...
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    10X20 Cheap pop up canopy FREE

    I have a 10x20 canopy that I have repaired a half dozen times and it still needs repair or maybe you want to take it and throw it away in frustration after trying to repair it. I gave up on it and built a 16X20. I someone wants to try their hand at repair, give me a call its yours. Dick Boggs...
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    Sports racer for sale

    Good starter car for Conference racing I'm sure the price is negotiable. Dick
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    Thanks to the Turn Workers

    I can't begin to give enough Thanks to the Turn workers in Portland. I had one of the worse weekends in a long time. 3 flat tows for the same car in one weekend must be a record. Thought we ran of of gas the first time, not so, took 3.5 gals. in a 6 gal cell, though it was a clogged filter...
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    Rainy day fun

    Something to do on a rainy day when you are retired. Fun to watch his hands Wish my German was better. :D
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    Track Day Race Car ? It has finally arrived the ultimate arrive and drive track day car for the wannabe racer.