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  1. agsamson

    62 Lotus (Ford) Cortina #164, C. Donaldson

    I know you’ll have to go through this thread a post at a time, and there is a little confusing info, but much of the history of the car in the NW is in this thread. Mike McDaniel built and ran the car for years in the 1970s. B Sedan I think. Also, I think it was his second Cortina build. Don’t...
  2. agsamson

    [WTB] Stock NA Miata Parts

    Freshening up a 1992 Mariner Blue daily driver Miata. Looking for Stock parts you may have stripped out of your Spec Miata build. Carpet, useable soft top, seats, hardtop side striker plates, RH window regulator, etc. Email a phone number I can call or text. Hope all is well...
  3. agsamson

    AIM software frozen in XP?

    Is AIM developing their software for more recent operating systems? Their website doesn't show anything beyond XP, and I'm not seeing anything for Macs or Macs running windows. Any resources would be appreciated. Hope all is well, Andre
  4. agsamson

    WTB: Spec Miata

    Call Brad at: Call 206 .979 /1503 Also there was a blue Spec Miata at PR mid-season 2012 for sale. If anyone has info they can pass along contact Brad at the number above.
  5. agsamson

    1979 Mazda RX7 Pro7 ITA Enduro Race Car Call 206./ 979+ 150three Completed the 2012 season with finishes in a 16 hour enduro, and a dozen sprint-race weekends in both ICSCC and SCCA. Reliable. Three driver's completed License Requirements. Comes with a set of shaved Toyos...
  6. agsamson

    62 Lotus (Ford) Cortina #164, C. Donaldson

    Here is one last shot. At SIR turn 9 again in 85 or 86. Steve Justiss #64 passing Chris Stone #52 in a Ford Cortina GT. Chris rented the green car from Bob Franklin who by that time had moved on to a Jag E coupe. Chris later bought the car, but retired it shortly thereafter. I tracked the car...
  7. agsamson

    62 Lotus (Ford) Cortina #164, C. Donaldson

    The "Rest of the Story."
  8. agsamson

    62 Lotus (Ford) Cortina #164, C. Donaldson

    Here are some pics of your car. #464 me going through the Carousel at Westwood. Would have been the weekend I won the GB Stern Novice Drivers Award, 6/2/1984. [Steve Justiss ran the car 1985 and on, then Mike, then Chuck] #64 Steve Justiss going through turn 9 at what would have been Seattle...
  9. agsamson

    For Sale: 1980 March 80SV Formula Super Vee

    For Sale: 1980 March 80SV Formula Super Vee: $16,000 USD Car available in Seattle, Washington, USA Race car is nearly race ready. Has been driven to test VW 1.8 liter motor and Hewland 5 speed transaxle with Torsen Gleason...