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    Spokane Photos Are Posted

    Doug Berger has uploaded the Spokane weekend. Check them out. There are some awesome shots of the really tight racing that we had going on all weekend.
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    Kudoos to Northwest Motorsports

    I can't say thank you enough to all the NWMS members that put on a fabulous weekend and taking care of the volunteers like they did. Pizza, Band, Beer, Hotels....water/ice...picking up all the pesky reports and the list could go on. Jay and Doug, you guys rock. Safety Teams......oh crap...
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    Need a place to stay this weekend for ORP???

    4 of us workers have rented a house in Moro, about 15 minutes from the track. This house will sleep 8 - 10. 2 Bathrooms all appliances/washer/dryer. The cost is $125/night split among however many are staying there. (8 people is $16 per night per person...really affordable) If you're looking...
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    Going thru withdrawal..Need videos from Spokane

    Oh I so hope there's lots of video out there from the new layout. Still really choked that a $2 fuse in our truck wiped out our whole damned weekend. So please post the exploits from the weekend so I can live voraciously through them. Thanks guys.
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    Outlook 2010 For a Volunteer

    Just throwing this out there looking for some help or info. I am just starting my business (from scratch) and I need an affordable Outlook 2010. (I don't need the whole Office package. Just one tiny part of it) Any suggestions as to where to shop for this......reasonably priced BUT a reliable...
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    Yellow Flag Be Damned

    7 passes under the yellow are shown on the results.......that's not how it's done. Drivers Drivers Drivers........what can I, as a volunteer, say to drive the point home? Would you like to chose which invaluable volunteer gets hurt? "But we don't want anyone hurt" you say. Well, that's not...
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    Apology to Steve Adams

    How many ways can I say sorry for being "un-observant". I just accidently scrolled down past the "Recently Updated" box on our web page and low 'n behold, discovered some the video clips. I have seen them before elsewhere, but had no idea they were on our home page. Steve, please please tell...
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    Couldn't Have Done It Without You

    To all the drivers (senior/novice) that came out and helped on the turns for the Enduro...... OMG Thank You!!!! We knew going into the event that our worker count was going to be very low. Had you drivers not stepped up to the plate, I don't know what the outcome would have been. Kudos to IRDC...
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    TC Registration and Weather

    Just peeked on motorsport.reg and low and behold we have 3 Spec Racer Fords registered. Hope they show up. They will be great to watch on that track. (Maybe for next year we could have a good grid of SRF's and Legends. That would be a blast. hint hint) It's good to see the Open wheel groups (3...
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    ROD Needs a Driver in Bremerton..Please

    Is there a driver or someone that lives in Bremerton, and is attending the banquet, that could go to Armadillo Racing and pick up a special delivery for the ROD? (It just arived in the nick of time.) Problem is this needs to be at the Sea-Tac Marriott either Friday night or Saturday during the...
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    ROD Meeting...Drivers Welcome

    As the ICSCC AGM gets real close, this is a reminder that there will be an ROD Meeting at 9 am on Nov. 14th at the Sea-Tac Marriott. We have a list of things to dicuss/make decisions on. This year is for example cleaning up/wording change for the Yellow Flag rule, Double Yellow Flag Rule, car...
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    Enduro 2009

    As a volunteer, I would like to thank all the teams that ran so hard and long. There was some good hard racing right throughout the whole grid. The couple of downpours we had, unfortunately bit a few cars, but the perserverence of those teams was impressive. The attrition rate was really low...
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    With Great Sadness

    We were just informed of the the death of Don Souter, a long time turnworker and META member. Don was killed when his plane crashed in Courtenay on Sunday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He will be missed. Lynn Rimmer META Member ICSCC ROD Director
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    Attention: Hot Times In Seattle

    To each and everyone!!!!! WATER WATER WATER With the temperatures being so hot this weekend, a suggestion for all volunteers and drivers. Bring towels with you that you can soak in water, wrap it around your neck or put it over your head. This will help cool you down. ALL TURN...
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    Let Me Be the First

    We just got home after a somewhat long trip from Spokane. It was another super weekend by NWMS. My hat goes off to Doug Smith and Ken Groves for brining out sooooo many new workers. I haven't worked Spokane and seen that many people per turn in 6 years. They did a fabulous job. Thank you so...
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    Lucky Underpants

    I just read the Steward's Soapbox article in this month's Memo. So, Mike please explain what happened. The dog ate them......the washing machine ate lent them to someone else.......or they were brand new and you were taking them for a test drive and discovered they weren't a...
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    Needing Photos for NEW ROD Website

    At the Spring ICSCC meeting this weekend, the creation of an ROD Website was given the go ahead. We have secured a domain name for "raceoffiicials dot com". We also have had set up for us, by our esteemed web guru Steve Adams, "rod.icscc dot com". One site, two different ways to get there. In...