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    License payment option on MSR out of date.

    Several things that determine affect the forms, fees, and licensing in general are still to be determined at upcoming virtual meetings. If all goes well expect that we will move forward in the next couple weeks. As always, new information will be posted on the website as well as circulated...
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    2020 ICSCC Physical Examination Form

    I know some of you are eager to get this because you have appointments scheduled and want the correct form. The webmaster should have this posted soon but here is an attached copy in case you need it right now! Medical self reporting form is currently being reviewed and I will have it up as...
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    If you have the DOT physical required to legally operate a commercial 18 wheel truck and trailer combo on public roads it is very compatible with our racing physical and I have reviewed and approved those in the past. If you have a military or pilots physical we have reviewed those and accepted...
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    Yep - there is the potential for a bit more change in our forms than usual so we took the 2019 versions down for a very important yet simple reason; They are 2019 forms and it is 2020. Last year the license registrar received far too many 2018 forms with the date crossed off and 2019 written...
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    Forum Software Changes

    Looks completely different, but so far in a good, clean, more modern way. Thanks for your work on this Alberto - greatly appreciated, nice work!
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    Spokane and NWMS

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great hospitality in Spokane from a small number of volunteers who worked really hard to put on a great event. I was born and raised in Spokane and try to support their race whenever I am able. There is really a small town friendliness at that race that is a...
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    ICSCC retired scale system being auctioned in "Buy and Sell"

    Hello to all of you who may look at the "General Discussion" section for current news but not always the "Buy and Sell" - The retired ICSCC race car scale system is up for auction in the "Buy and Sell" section - take a look for details if you are interested! Thanks
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    [Sold] ICSCC Surplus Longacre Accuset Race Car Scales and associated pieces - Forum Auction!

    Hello all - With the new scale system up and functioning ICSCC finds itself with a surplus set of Longacre Accuset Computer Scales. The E-Board has decided that it would be best if we put these up for sale to our members in hopes that they can continue to be useful to someone in our racing...
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    Nominations for 2016 ICSCC Driver of the Year

    Hello all - as your race steward one of my many duties is to solicit nominations for ICSCC Driver of the Year and then preside over the selection committee consisting of the members of the competition committee and the previous years Driver of the Year, in this case Greg Coffin. A couple of...
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    Any shipping experts out there?

    I need to get a substantial number of spares, extra bodywork, wheels, and tires from Pennsylvania to my garage in Tacoma. Considering the diversity of experience among the racing community I feel confident that one or more of you can significantly improve my knowledge on the subject! I...
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    [For Sale] Anyone looking for a project?

    Those that know me can vouch that I am a bit of a car hoarder but I have finally run out of room for all of my projects. In order to keep them all straight I have found it expedient to give each of my cars an appropriate name. I have been slowly working on a C4 Corvette project in the back of...
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    Ron Johnson 1947-2015

    We are lucky enough to live in the right place and at the right time in history where human life probably has more value than ever before. We try to balance the need to be productive with a desire to fill our lives with fulfilling experiences and rich relationships knowing our time is finite...
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    Stolen race car and trailer!

    At 2:38AM yesterday morning a thief driving a white 1968-1973 GMC pickup with what appears to be a flatbed that has a box built out of wood and a tarp full of junk broke into a keypad controlled gate, cut the locks off of my trailer, and stole it and it's contents. At about 9 AM today, the...
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    2014 Schedule

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    Parking at the Ridge!

    Thanks for the kind words Sherm - truth is it was a ton of work last year but at least I had a lot of the preliminary work already done for this year. In spite of a packed paddock last year, all but two people were nothing but patient and helpful over the entire week-end. A great example of...