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    [For Sale] Racecar for sale

    Caldwell D-13. Built by current owner from a kit. First registered in 1976. Meticulously maintained to current SCCA specs including conversion to 4-wheel disc brakes as allowed by SCCA this year. Too many spares and accessories to list. $11,500 CDN. Also. Custom modified trailer with tire rack...
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    The Real Reason for the Faux Races on Saturday

    I have had the occasion over that past few weeks to discuss with certain officials the circumstances of the disqualification I received at the Seattle June 14-15 2014 Race at Pacific Raceways. I had entered the race at short notice because my wife had travelled, also on short notice, to Ottawa...
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    FV Trailer for sale

    Custom built trailer for Formula Vee, D Sports Racer, Formula Libre, small sedan etc. Vee will load nose first if tire rack (dedtachable) is used, or tail first if it isn't. Easily stowed ramps, ties downs included. Always looked after and in excellant condition. Not enough room in back yard...
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    F-1 race videos

    I need to obtain videos, VHS or CD's of the Italian, Singapore, Korean and Japanese 2013 F-1 races due to a loss of a VHS tape. Does anyone have these? Paul Whitworth
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    Counterfeit Driver Apparel

    I read the article from S.F.I. in the latest bulletin with great interest. I had a similar experience with counterfeit circlips. I was using them to locate the writst pins in my motor. The stock ones looked like bent wire so I used hydraulic internal snap rings bought from a highly rated...
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    Rememberance of Dan Rowland

    I now have a photograph of Dan Rowland who passed away recently, much before his time. Diane Rowland wishes to thank those in Conference for their kind words and is comforted by them because racing with Conference meant so much to Dan.
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    Another member slips away

    Conference has now become a venerable organization in that those of us were there at the start are slipping away as the years pass. In recent days we have had to say good-bye to one more pillar that has supported us through many years, Dan Rowland. Dan was passionate about racing...
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    Track access for some groups at Pacific Raceways

    Attached below is the text of an e-mail I sent to the Conference Executive officers and the Race Chair of IRDC regarding the scheduling at the May 11/12 race at Pacific Raceways. I have received a courteous and considered reply from Jason Vein but I am posting it here for the rest of Conference...
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    Trailer for sale

    Open deck trailer built for a Formula Vee, suitable for small Sports Racer, F500, Legend. Comes with detachable tire rack and ramps. Ford 5-bolt hubs, will accept 14 or 15 inch wheels. $500. Paul Whitworth (250) 479-8975
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    Re-posted Survey Sheet for Groups 3 & 6

    To One and All, Sorry to not checking the Forum lately. Too many things on the go. However, here is the survey sheet once again. Paul Whitworth, #54 FV
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    Group 3 and 6 extinction?

    Anyone who has been at the races cannot help but notice that entires in Groups 3 & 6 are down disproportionately. To try and get beyond the usual assumption that it is the economy I have volunteered to take a poll and get some feed-back to give to the Executive Board to consider at the Fall...