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    [Sold] Diasio D962 #4

    Headed to Colorado! Diasio D962 #4 for sale If interested, email or call 206-321-6886. Built in February 2000. Kept quite stock & very reliable. Solid and strong, and is enclosed, & has seat for passenger for track days or Victory Laps. Some spares, including gear sets...
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    [For Sale] SOLD - Elden Sports Racer for Sale

    For sale, Sports Racer made by Elden This car's monocoque chassis and suspension were made by Elden in 1972 as one of three Mark 12s displayed for the London car show for Formula 3 racing. Designer Peter Hampsheir has verified this car is PRH 12 / 002 chassis no 87/1972 (In 1973 Elden also...
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    Spring Enduro at The Ridge

    We are fast coming up on our 4/23 6 Hours on the Ridge. Current enrollment is 7 entries for the 2 hour race and 11 entries for the 6 hour race. This is not nearly enough for IRDC to break even! If this weekend loses money, do not expect an IRDC enduro next year. The club simply does not have...
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    Mission Labor Day Race Weekend?

    I just went on to sign Lee up for the race(s) (and start scoping out paddock spots!)and I can't find it anywhere. Anybody know when it will be posted and where I should look for paddocking information? Thanks. Marie Fjellanger
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    Trophies for the Pacific Raceways Race

    If anybody won something at Pacific Raceways but did not collect it, I will have the stuff at ORP. Just come by our pit and I will give it to you. Marie