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    Inaugural Gary Bockman Memorial race win flags - REQUESTED

    ATTENTION DRIVERS CASCADE’S GARY BOCKMAN MEMORIAL RACE The special flags we have for the winners at Portland are now available. I hope to see you at the August Dash For Kids race where you may claim this award. Come to either Timing and Scoring or drivers services to get the flag, Friday...
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    Inaugural Gary Bockman Memorial race win flags - REQUESTED

    We did not get flags ordered for the race because we were not sure if it would be happening. However, the Race Chairman and Board have already talked about what we would do for trophies and flags. Since we originally planned for our first race to be in Gary's honor we had not planned until...
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    [Sold] Standard Formula Mazda

    Congratulations Jim and Mel. We need to general a special race for you guys again!
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    Chicane Challenge Results

    I have uploaded what are provisional results to All lapcharts, qualifyings and race results are now showing. Within the week we will have them on the ICSCC Forum. It was a good weekend for most people with approximately 161 entries.
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    ORP is waiving any late fees

    For the ORP Double Dipper we are waiving the late fees up until 6 pm on Thursday. At that time I plan on closing registration to do the finishing touches. I will be at the track Friday ready to open registration at 2 pm. If you have issues getting the right races entered, we can straighten it...
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    Rose City Opener

    Rose City Opener results, laptimes and qualifying are posted to MyLaps. I will have them to Steve for the web site tomorrow. linda