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    Roce City Opener XXVI

    Friday May 5th is Cascade's Driver Training/Track Day/TNT. Steve Lovejoy are new Tech person will be doing tech for this event. He will also be doing Annual Tech. We are requesting if you are not signed up for the TNT session, that you wait until after 10AM to come into the track for Tech...
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    41st Enduro 2016 at PIR

    I'm looking for a few more drivers to sign up for our Enduro. But I just want you all to know I will be out of town for a few days at Road Atlanta. So if you have any questions that need an immediate answer, please send an email to Chris Heinrich. otherwise I will get...
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    Chicane challenge !!!

    OK, it's going to be a hot weekend and to entice more entries, CSCC has decided WE WON'T CHARGE ANY LATE FEES. I hope we can get some more entries as all drivers like to have someone to compete with. Thanks, Hope to see lots of you this weekend. And thank you to those drivers that...
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    Chicane Challenge

    My connection to Motorsports Reg is down, please give me sometime to find the problems. Gail
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    Rose City Opener XXV

    Hi, This is CSCC Driver Registrar Gail, I'm hoping some of you are waiting to enter the event to make sure the weather is going to be good for this coming weekend. YES IT IS. Also I'm sure some of you are working very hard to get your car ready for racing. Last year we had 132 drivers signed...
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    Rose City Opener

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the Rose City Opener, first race of the season, is now open is MSR. I await my first entry. Gail Driver Registrar
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    A big thank you, dash for kids xxxi

    I would like to thank all the drivers, crews, volunteers and spectators that helped make the Dash for Kids XXXI a most successful events for Cascade. It was such a great feeling to see the very crowded paddock. I also want to thank all the drivers who helped with the noontime rides...
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    Dash for Kids XXXI

    Entries are looking good, but I want to make sure that any driver thinking of entering, but still working on the car, that I will not be charging for any late entries until Saturday Morning. Please come and join the fun. Gail Fetterman CSCC Driver Registrar
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    Rose city opener xxiv

    There was an error in the closing date for this event. It has been fixed. Two items, the event is open for registration and the late charges will not take effect until at Apr. 30 at 0001AM. Then the late charge will apply, but you can still register. I apologize for the error. Thanks to...
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    RoseCity Opener XXIII

    ICSCC DRIVERS. Now that the IRDC Enduro is in the books, please think about signing up for the first ICSCC points race. Can't promise that the weather will be as good as it was at The Ridge, but the racing should be as good. Look forward to seeing you all again this year. Gail...
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    Dash for Kids XXX No LATE CHARGES

    Just wanted all drivers to know that Cascade Sports Car Club will not be charging any late charges for those Drivers signing up the Dash for Kids. We would really like to see many drivers come to our event. Thank you for all your past support. Gail Fetterman Driver Registrar
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    Celebration of Life for Bill Hill

    This information was sent to me by Bill Hill's wife Pat. I hope I get it all correct, as I could not copy to forum. The website at Mountain View Funeral Home in Tacoma WA. is where the obituary and tribute wall are housed. The url is
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    The Glitch on Dash For Kids is Fixed

    The glitch was found and is now fixed. Look forward to entries for this event. Gail
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    Dash for kids

    I see I have a little glitch in MSR for signing up for the 1 hour Enduro for Dash For Kids. I will try to fix it on Monday. I will also make the necessary changes to those that have already signed up. Thanks Gail Driver Registrar
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    Chicane Challenge XXII No Late Fee Charges!

    I know our conference drivers have lots of activities during the summer. Lots of race weekends to choose from, getting your cars prepared, and having family fun on the weekends. If anyone is still considering entering the Chicane Challenge XXII for this weekend, but is still up in the air, I...