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    Group 4 Race video from ST car

    Here is my in car from the race Sunday. Lots happening. Note the Pro Finish #73 car dumping fuel at every right turn, This got the windshield pretty bad, then the #90 G.P. car was oiling pretty bad and got me too. Half the race I couldn't see too well. Checkers flew and my engine blew...
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    Spokane RV provisions, for first time to the track

    This will be my first time at Spokane and I am wondering about pit space and also motorhome space, possible power or other hook ups? Any info would be great. Do we need to reserve space? I will arrive late in the afternoon Thursday. Thanks!
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    [For Sale] SOLD

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    So you don't think you need a HANS? Wow this really answers that. I had to share this link with my fellow racers. All I can say is wow!
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    For sale: Sparco Pro ADV seat only $325 obo

    SOLD. Sparco Pro ADV seat . SOLD Sold
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    Group 4 was bad luck for anyone in a Corvette today at Pacific!

    3 of us driving Vettes Dnf'd! What a bummer.
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    We should all be happy for our excellent safety equipment rules after watching this

    I am happy to put on all of the gear and be secured in my new belts that I just bought due to date expiration, my HANS, my fire bottle, our great course and safety workers, and a roof on my car! Check it out, you will probably agree!
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    Great free informational webstie on racing: Check it out.

    I read about this website in the latest road n track and thought I would check it out. I have watched some of the video tutorials and they are full of great information, especially for a newer driver like me. I will be watching all of the current videos. They show several more to come. Best...