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    [For Sale] RACECAR & RATROD TRUCK - BUNK BEDS for sale

    About 4 years ago, my boys said they wanted their own “race garage,” so I decided to build them one. They thoroughly enjoyed it for years, but 16 year olds don’t really want car beds, so we made some changes. I figure there might be someone in the club whose kid(s) love cars too? This...
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    [Sold] 02 325CI - Cole Worthington, and his dog Spot!

    Spring cleaning time! Since I bought myself a new daily driver last week, its bigger German sister needs to find a new home. My 2002 325ci has been a great daily driver for the last 5 years, but at 190,000 it’s starting to nickel and dime me. The engine still pulls really well, but little...
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    Attaching a Go-Pro to a Formula Car

    Bigger not always better I would say that for an openwheel application, it's unfortunate that you chose a small brick, over some of the smaller lipstick cams available now. Well, unfortunate for you, not for your competitors. ;) I have the ReplayXD, and it allows me to mount it on my...
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    Fs: 1987 - porsche 944 (red)

    Found more pics.
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    Fs: 1987 - porsche 944 (red)

    So like many of us suffering from ADD (Automotive Deficit Disorder), one race car is never enough. I’ve stumbled upon a vintage race project I’d like to tackle. In order to do so however, I’d need to free up a lot of floor space in the shop. So my little red attention getter needs to go...
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    1986 Dodge Ram D350 1-ton Truck

    This truck has never been my tow vehicle, but it has been a beast through three remodel projects with more trips to the dump than I can count. My boys call this truck “Thug” because it looks as tough as it is. It carries more bark, gravel, or lumber than most trucks would dare. They both want...