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    Is anyone going to the Runoffs who could bring back a couple of panels?

    Folks, I've found a seller in Wisconsin who has left and right body panels for an RF98 Van Diemen as well as floor pans, and I've agreed to purchase them. However, it's pretty easy for him to drop them with someone when he goes to the Runoffs himself, so I'm looking for someone who could...
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    Don't mess with the PIR!

    Thought you folks might like to see this:
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    Does anyone recognize this car?

    Keith Robinson asks: "Anyone know this car, raced at Westwood in the 1980’s? It has Cortina running gear and engine (missing currently)."
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    [For Sale] American Racer FF tires

    Greetings! For any Ford racers coming up to Mission for the Labour Day weekend, I've got 5 sets of American Racers, new last fall, stored bagged (cool place, etc.) that I acquired in a contra deal. Actually, I have 7 sets, but I'm keeping a couple for myself. $500 a set... ...Canadian. With...
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    Gear ratios for a Formula Ford at Mission

    Greetings all, I'm just new into racing this year with a Van Diemen RF89 that I purchased last August... ...and I have no idea whether it's geared appropriately for my home track: the SCCBC road course at Mission Race Ways. Does anyone have any idea what ratios I should run? If it helps you...